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On the banks of the Chagres river
¡Come to the Embera Community! At just one hour and 20 minutes from Panama City. Get in touch with the tropical nature and enjoy our fascinating culture.
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  1. Emberá
    The Emberá Community invites you to our natural reserve. We live in the Chagres National Park, a protected zone in favor of flora and fauna. Varieties of birds, a natural scenario and an ancestral culture will present you an unforgettable trip of 8 hours, showing you the best of Panama and the Caribe.
  2. Don' you speak spanish? No problem!
    If you speak another language, you are still welcome! An interpreter will go with you during the tour (additional charge will be added). Many people visit us every year from different countries to meet our culture. You will enjoy it!
  1. Paint on skin
    Paint on skin
    It is not only part of our culture, the natural ink is too an insect repellent.
  2. Traditional dances
    Traditional dances
    Enjoy on live our dances while you taste our exotic food. What are you waiting for?
  3. Local handicrafts
    Local handicrafts
    Delight a handmade handicraft bazaar in our community, 100% environmental friendly.
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The Asociación Panameña de Turismo invites you to meet this wonderful country, located in Center America, cradle of the largest and most important canal in the world, meeting point between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, with exubertan tropical beaches, islands and preserved jungles.
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